Jahanbaygan co is pioneer in manufacturing of archive Space equipments. Jb Company is specialist in design and manufacturing variety of movable shelving systems as mention in mechanical system، electrical system، and smart movable shelving system. Under the international license and Standards



mechanical mobile shelving system

Characteristic aspect of Movable shelving system; 80% space saving by eliminating, 100% Characteristic aspect of Movable shelving system, easy access to files and folders, keep ordering files by coding them on Shelves, avoiding of user distraction, By capability of coding files in Computer

Electrical movable shelving system

By upgrading mechanical movable Shelving system to use electricity Power instead of manual force another Generation of this system was borned. Benefit of this system would be : easy access by pressing just one, Key on surface of shelves, easy access by using remote control, and capability of manufacturing, Heavy movable shelving system Up to 10 m length

بایگانی ریلی برقی
بایگانی ریلی وشمند

Smart movable shelving system

Last version of movable shelving system manufactured by jb Company. Special Characteristic of this version : this system contents all of its previous Generations plus, smart control on entering gate Of files and folders, making high security to access Files and folders by using access, Code and password, monitoring all placing and replacing files – books- cd and … inside of, Shelves by using computer


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